A4: Jeffries type Anglo concertina

A4: Jeffries type Anglo concertina

  • Keys: 38 buttons + air button, solid German silver
  • Ends: Jeffries design, flat or raised ends, flat ends made from German silver, rosewood, ebony or cocobolo, raised ends made from German silver or hardwood in black
  • Bellows: 7-fold leather bellows, goatskin, in black or with Jeffries bellows papers, other colours on request
  • Tuning: C/G, C#/G#, Bb/F, G/D, F/C, and Ab/Eb
  • Keyboard layout: Jeffries system, changes of tones on request
  • Levers: riveted, for fast action
  • Reeds: single steel reeds in brass frames
  • Reed pan construction: reed chambers are parallel
  • Size: diameter 156 mm (6.14 in.)
  • Description: crisp tone, fast action
  • Weight: With metal ends: 1.54 kg

Examples of playing on this concertina

Video Files

Padraig Rynne playing with Cillian King. Cillian is playing an A2-32 Anglo with ebony ends.

Audio Files

Padraig Rynne playing on this concertina (with raised metal ends) on the track “Vividly” with the band NOTIFY.

Francis Cunningham playing Mrs. Crotty’s Reel on an A4 Anglo with metal ends in C#/G# tuning (eb system).

Francis Cunningham playing Carls Jigs on an A4 Anglo with ebony ends in Ab/Eb tuning (Bb system)