Ordering a Suttner Concertina

Please see below for details about ordering a concertina from Suttner Concertinas.


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Orders can be placed by email, fax or post. Please state the model and further details such as tuning, wooden or metal ends, and special keyboard layout. A deposit of 10% of the total price is required. As soon as I receive the payment I will confirm the order and you will be on the waiting list. The deposit is non-refundable if the order is cancelled by the buyer.


10% of the total price must be paid on ordering, the balance and the charges for post and packing before delivery. Payments can be made either by bank draft or check, or by bank transfer to one of my accounts. I will contact you some weeks before the concertina will be finished to arrange the final payment.


Prices valid when ordering are valid until delivery only if the inflation rate is under 2,5% per year between order and delivery. If inflation is greater than 2,5%, the price will be adjusted to account for inflation between time of order and time of delivery. If VAT (Value Added Tax) changes in the meantime, the prices must be changed accordingly. Prices must be increased if work is delayed at the buyers request.


The concertinas are delivered either by parcel service or by post. Shipping charges depend on the method of shipment. When I contact you before the concertina is finished I will inform you of shipment options and prices.


For Anglo Concertinas: 1.5 years


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