A2: Jeffries type Anglo concertina

A2: Jeffries type Anglo concertina
  • Keys: 30 keys + c drone + air button, metal caped buttons
  • Ends: Jeffries design, flat or raised ends, flat ends made from German silver, rosewood, ebony, raised ends made from German silver or hardwood in black
  • Bellows: 7-fold leather bellows, goatskin, in black or with Jeffries bellows papers and gold tooling.
    other colours on request
  • Tuning: C/G, also available C#/G#, Bb/F, Ab/Eb and G/D
  • Keyboard layout: Jeffries system, changes of tones on request
  • Levers: riveted, for fast action
  • Reeds: single steel reeds in brass frames
  • Reed pan construction: reed chambers are parallel
  • Size: diameter 156 mm (6.14 in.)
  • Description: crisp tone, fast action
  • Weight: with solid wooden ends: 1.2 kg

Sound Clip: Tim Collins, “Patrick O’Connor’s / Tom Billy’s (polkas) From Tim’s CD “Dancing on Silver”.

Sound Clip: Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh, “Toss the Feathers” playing the A2 Anglo with ebony ends.