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Customer Testimonials

"Just to say thank you very much for the concertina. I am extremely pleased with it, and it is more than I could have hoped for. I have had many complements from other musicians about the wonderful sound."
   - Padraig Rynne from Ennis, now Galway; plays an A4 38-key Jeffries type, ebony ends.

"When I'm in a pub playing now, instead of people saying to me 'Is that a Jeffries or a Wheatstone?' I'm gettin 'Is that a Suttner?' So it seems the new big name in concertinas is 'SUTTNER'."
     - Aogan Lynch from Cork, now Dublin [winner of TG4's Young Musician of the Year Award for 1999]

"The Eb concertina is brilliant. I am very happy with it and I am looking forward to playing a few sessions in Milltown Malbay at the Willie Clancy Summer School."
     - John McMahon from Ennis, about his 38-key Jeffries-type with ebony ends

"I am very satisfied with the sound. As I compare your concertina with others, I like your tone best. Action and response: very satisfied, I think yours is best."
     - Natsuo Oshima from Tokio about his 38-key Jeffries-type with raised wooden ends

What a beautiful instrument! It is superior to any new instrument I've seen in both appearance and tone. It's quite a handsome and well crafted instrument, inside and out. I've been showing it off proudly to everyone who knows me,..."
     - Toby Koosman, Tennessee, about her A3 Wheatstone Linota type

"I am very pleased with my new concertina, especially with its rock-solid action. My playing became instantly smoother and faster, with fellow musicians remarking that I now play with new confidence."
     - Alan Ladd, Mass.

"All of the Suttner concertinas that I have sold are in good homes. On occasion I communicate with most owners and everyone is very pleased. You are making excellent instruments."
     - Maurice Turcotte, Georgia

"Making the 'Clareman's Trumpet'
By Jim Kelly
Excerpted from Irish Music magazine, Sept. 96

[...] He began to play around with the idea of making concertinas. As a qualified toolmaker with a knowledge and love of music he was well placed to become a producer of fine instruments. After a lot of research and many attempts he succeeded in making an instrument which came close to satisfying that need for perfection which is the hallmark of the true craftsman. Over time he has honed his skills and techniques and a finished concertina up to the highest standard now takes about three weeks to produce.

When he opened up one of his concertinas to show me the innards it was clear that the instrument was a labour of love. The reed pan was beautifully made from a particular species of Maple, which came from the mountains of former Yugoslavia. Brass-mounted individual reeds were set in the classic Wheatstone layout and the levers too were cast brass [note from J. Suttner: the levers are not actually cast, but are in fact cut]. A rare wood called Cocobolo was used for the housing, and both end-plates and buttons were German silver. The bellows in soft black leather was a 7-fold affair. Every part including the reeds is produced by hand in the Suttner workshop.

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Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Send yours to



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